Available Imported male

For Sale 2500

updated pics and video available apon request.

Proven Stud

~Kevin Boxer Del Mar~

Available for Stud until sold

Sire: CHJ. Jupiter De Las Gargolas
Dam: Hanna Boxer Del Mar
Whelped: 10/30/2015
Echo clear, DM Negative, & ARVC clear

Call Name:






Pedigree of ” Ironhide’s KevLar Boxer Del Mar”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: CHJ. Jupiter De Las Gargolas Multi CH. ESP, FRA, ATIBOX  Nicos V.D. Burg Singidunum CH. POR, INT Noble De Sul
 Katia Do Vale Do Lethes
 Babygirl De Grand ‘Anubis  Conrado De Las Gargolas
 Acqua De Grand’Anubis
DAM: Hanna Boxer Del Mar  Ch. JWorld SPN, ITA  Mito Do Vale Do Lethes  CH. POR, INT Noble Do Sul
 Katia Do Vale Do Lethes
 Jimena De  Las Gorgolas  CH. ESP, FRA, ATIBOX Nicos V.D. Burg Singidunum
 Baby De Grand ‘Anubis